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Posts Tagged ‘Drinking water’

Drink More Water, Lose More Weight

Posted by Trainer Aaron on August 30, 2010

Most people are walking around in a perpetual state of dehydration. Today we are told by marketing that when we’re thirsty, we should have a soda, or a “sports drink” or some type of vitamin-water drink. All of these are options that merely 100 years ago would have been almost impossible to find. In some cases we are told that these are even better for us than water. Guess what, that’s not possible.

Water is what our bodies are designed to drink. 5000 years ago water, and maybe a little wine every now and again, would have been our only real options. Our bodies aren’t meant to consume these sugary imposters. When is the last time that you drank real, pure water? How often do you consume soda, lemonaide, ice tea, coffee, or some other sweetened beverage, including the “diet” ones?

Water serves a number of purposes within the body. It helps Read the rest of this entry »


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