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The Fastest Way to Lose Fat: Get Your BioSignature

Posted by Trainer Aaron on September 28, 2010

What’s causing you to gain fat?

There is no single answer for why some people gain fat. Any of the following can be a major cause of fat gain. And if you don’t find out which one is at the root of your fat gain, then diet and exercise probably won’t be enough.


Nutrient Deficiencies

Environmental Estrogens

Food Intolerances

Poor Digestion

Low Growth Hormone

Low Thyroid

Low Testosterone

Stress and High Cortisol

How can the BioSignature Method help?

The BioSignature Method was developed by Charles Poliquin over the course of 30 years. While working with olympic athletes, and various professional sports teams over the years, he started to notice that certain hormonal issues correlated to where a person’s body stores fat. Through years of research, Charles learned that a proper bodyfat test can provide a blueprint for faster fat loss, not only for the athletic population, but for everyone.

By having a practitioner run your BioSignature profile, they can pinpoint what the source of your problem is, and over 12 weeks, help you correct the problem and get leaner. BioSignature uses a combination of nutrition, lifestyle change, and specially targeted supplements to help the average man lose between 10-20% bodyfat, and the average lady lose between 6-12% bodyfat within those 12 weeks.

If you’re want to get your bodyfat tested for free and are interested in getting more information on the BioSignature Method, then click the link below to set up your appointment.

Click Here to Set up your appointment.

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