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There is No Such Thing as Discipline

Posted by Trainer Aaron on September 25, 2010

Everyone has an excuse for why they don’t do something they know they should. However if you ask people to boil it down to one thing, most will say they’re just not disciplined. The problem with that is this: discipline is a myth, it doesn’t exist. The truth is you either love and are devoted to something, or you aren’t. That’s the truth.


In a counseling appointment I tell someone they need to stay off beer for a while. They tell me that they aren’t willing. That person apparently loves beer more than they love their body. If they loved their body more they’d give up the beer, so they could get healthier and lose weight.

Anytime you know you should change something, but you just can’t do it, it’s because you have the wrong priorities, and you love something else too much. If you want to make a change, you need to start valuing the right things.

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